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“Bri was super comforting during my postpartum phase. She was always just a text or call away, willing to offer an ear or supply what I needed when chestfeeding became really difficult. Whether it was nipple shields, nipple balm, hanging over the baby to feed when I had a clogged duct, etc. she was full of great ideas right away to make it easier for me. She has a warm, welcoming spirit about her and is non-judgmental that makes you feel safe to lean on her. Super thankful she was part of my support circle after baby. Thank you Bri!” 

- Nicollette

"Briana’s services are amazing! I first started contacting Briana when I found out I was pregnant in August, I had so many questions and so many concerns and she was able to answer all of them. I didn’t have an easy pregnancy, but she was always there to support me and make me feel better. I ended up losing that baby, and Briana was able to talk me through it and make me feel so much better. I recently found out that I’m pregnant again! Briana was one of the first people I contacted and I will continue to talk to her about any questions/concerns I have! Briana is very nice, and caring and non judgmental. She has always been very supportive to me and I would recommend her to anyone who asks about a doula!" 

- Kaylee

"Bri is knowledgeable but more than that, has such a natural intuition with both mamma and baby. She came to me as my postpartum doula and within the first couple hours she felt a natural part of our home. She took care of mamma and baby (and dog!) while gently helping teach mom and dad baby cues bringing a much needed calm and ease to the household. I would recommend her 10/10!"

- Anna

"Briana provided my partner and I with excellent doula services.  This was my first birthing experience and I am grateful that I selected Briana as my doula.  More than anything, I wanted someone who could help me advocate for myself in the hospital during the delivery.  Briana was a great listener, she had a lot of knowledge that she shared with both of us, and most importantly I felt heard." 

- Kathryn

"Briana always showed up with a down-to-earth attitude and matched our needs whether that be information, resources, verbal encouragement, physical support, or even space. Not only did she give us an overview of labor, send resources and help us finalize our birth plan, she also handed over a postpartum planning worksheet to make sure we were preparing for that as well.

During labor, she was there to offer wisdom, information, reminders, kindness, and support. She always responded with patience and care until we reached a decision (and as a waffler, I can attest to the wealth of patience that Briana has!!!) She was responsive with care such as a damp cloth, counterpressure, Spinning Babies moves, and sensing when we needed some space. As well as just responding to our needs such as a surprise trip to a hospital in another city!" 

- Lucy

"Briana is amazing! My original doula fell through at 36 weeks and Briana filled in and gave me and my family the support we needed. She helped me with resources and guidance before and after delivery. And during delivery she was there every step of the way coaching and helping in more ways then I thought possible. I am so glad I had her as a part of my support team and am forever grateful."

- Jolene

"She came to the hospital and helped me go through the labor with ease by doing some exercises on the ball, on the bed... Also she made sure what I wanted for me and my baby was carried out by the doctor and nurses. 

Honestly, I think if it wasn't Briana being there with us, I would be in labor a lot longer, a lot more pain. She was patient, knowledgeable, and super sweet. We would recommend her to anyone and everyone." 

- Thanh

"Bri was absolutely wonderful! She was such a great support during a huge transition in my life and I couldn't have gotten through it without her. She is extremely knowledgeable, relatable, and empathetic. Her kind and flexible demeanor made it so easy for me to open up and be my true authentic self. Having Bri as my post partum doula helped me grow in so many ways! I'm so thankful for Bri!"

- Danielle

"Bri is an amazing doula. She's very compassionate, responsive and resourceful. Being a first time parent, postpartum can be overwhelming and confusing. Bri was helping me to navigate through a new role being a mom, changes with my body and most importantly be more confident in my new role as a mother. I can't thank her enough for her support."

- Ellisa

"We didn't think we needed a doula because we had great midwives and thought we could handle the rest (even though this was our first child). Thankfully, we changed our minds after our birthing class and were referred to Bri!

Bri made us feel so comfortable and confident, from the first meeting to labor/ delivery to our postpartum check-ins. To start, she has great knowledge and experience, and patiently answered our many questions during meetings and anytime through texts. She is also a great coach and consultant, especially for my husband. When I was going through labor at home, it was such a relief to both of us that my husband had Bri on call whenever we needed her advice (and encouragement).

Then, when we were at the Birthing Center, Bri was able to help us navigate decisions with the hospital team. In our case, that included letting us know that we needed to go back home because I wasn’t dilated enough the first time we went in. When we were finally admitted (a day later), Bri was there with snacks, her great energy, and a toolkit of comfort measures.

Without Bri, our birthing experience would have been stressful and scary. Just having an experienced person available to provide support during this unfamiliar process allowed us to not feel overwhelmed; and having Bri be that person made the process joyful on top of that.

We are grateful for Bri and so happy that she was part of welcoming our healthy baby boy into this world."

- Sami & Ian

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