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About me

My Philosophy

I believe that all people deserve to have meaningful and non-judgmental support physically and emotionally. My birth work is rooted in anti-racist action, reproductive justice, and instilling advocacy into your personal experience. Your experience is yours and the support provided needs to be tailored to you. Every pregnancy is different so I believe in creating support that you desire and is relevant to your needs.


As your doula, I am here for you, for whatever support you need. I follow your lead and provide guidance through your pregnancy related journey. I understand that you may have your own cultural beliefs, traditions, and specific preferences. As a person of color, it is important for me to try and create a space that I hope is calm, welcoming, & comfortable to your family. If there is something I am not as familiar with, I will look for the appropriate way to support you. If I am not a good fit for you and your family, please allow me to help find someone that does fit your needs. 



Where Did The Name Come From?

Bee Heard Doula Service's name comes from my first born and being someone that is here to listen to what you want. Be Heard stems from the notion that everyone deserves to be heard when they are speaking about their own experience and bodies. Bee heard is meant to help those that don't know their rights and/or are not comfortable communicating what they need. The Bee and bumblebee logo come from my daughter as I have always called her bug with an emphasis on a bumblebee. 

My Training

Bachelors in Elementary & Early Childhood Education

Central Washington University 2015

Certified Full Spectrum Doula 

Birthing Advocacy December 2020 

Pandemic Response Doula Training 

Let it Be Birth November 2020

Certified Childbirth Educator 

Birthing Advocacy 2022

My Story

First off, thank you for stopping in and getting to know a little about me. My name is Briana or Bri - pronouns she/her

I am a cisgender biracial mother of 2

dominating my journey with my life partner.

 I currently live on Puyallup Tribal Land, known as Midland (Tacoma).

 I have a BA in Elementary Education and Early Childhood education.

Prior to entering birth work, I was a childcare supervisor at the YMCA.

Being of Norwegian and East Indian ancestry, although celebrated, has never been the base of my core values or what I identify with as “culture”.

Bee Heard Doula Services is rooted in the culture of community.

I strive to be a part of a community that celebrates diversity, determination, and resiliency as found while growing up in the Skyway (Seattle) area.

My love languages are words of affirmation and quality time. I bring this up because I believe I connect these to the way I support those around me.

I use humor to ease the discomfort of allowing someone into your circle. 

I listen and physically show you this by offering things that personally resonate with you. 

I recognize you and your story by honoring everything you have endured.


Why Did I Become a Birth Worker?

Four years ago I was forced to take a deep look into myself and reflect on the life I thought I was living for me, but realized I was living for others. My mini me was born in 2017 which woke up a whole new person. This new person was emotional, vulnerable, and triggered by everything. Little did I know that having a baby was not only going to change me physically, but emotionally in every way. I was overwhelmed with the sensation that I could no longer live in survival mode.

I needed to live for me so I could show her how to live for her.  

Due to the trauma response of "being strong enough to handle anything alone", I was and am still navigating the new me which is

breaking generational curses, asking for support, and normalizing mental health.


I have battled with depression and anxiety due to the pressure of trying to find a place in this world where I belonged, felt valued, & was culturally accepted. With everything I was learning, I knew my community needed me to help navigate new territory in a society that diminishes the importance of true support specific to each family.


Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

Big Belly Services 2021

Spinning Babies 

January 2021

Childbirth Educator 

Whole Body Pregnancy 2022

Transmasculine Fertility & Birth 

Kayden Coleman 2021

Trauma Informed Care  

Resilient Birth 2022

PAIL Advocate (Prenatal & Infant Loss) 

Nneka Hall 2022

Pelvic Floor 101

Dr Mandi Murtaugh 2022

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