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Supporting All Bodies, 
Everything Pregnancy 

A full spectrum doula provides support to families and individuals throughout the entire spectrum of pregnancy. My role as a birth, postpartum, & abortion doula is to support all bodies through every step of pregnancy and beyond without judgement.


As a BiPOC birth worker serving communities from South Seattle to Olympia, it is my responsibility to teach and empower your family so you can better advocate for yourself through your birth journey. I believe every parent deserves the care and support tailored to their needs.

I believe you understand your body more than anyone could else could and I am here to help remind you of your power. No, I cannot promise you the exact journey you may be expecting, but I can and will do everything to keep you in a space that feels safe, heard, & calm based off what you as an individual needs.

I will help keep you grounded. I will be present for you.


"Briana was a great listener, she had a lot of knowledge that she shared with both of us, and most importantly I felt heard."

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